The Neighborhood at Hughes Studio Apartments: Your New Haven at Harvest Hill

We are thrilled to introduce our newest addition – the Neighborhood at Hughes Studio Apartments. This cozy, newly renovated “neighborhood” within our community is designed to offer an exceptional living experience for those who cherish independence while relishing the benefits of a supportive and spirited community.

Discover Your New Space

The Neighborhood at Hughes boasts seven studio apartments, each thoughtfully designed for comfort and functionality. With a spacious shared kitchen and living area, you’ll have ample room to entertain friends or enjoy conversation with your fellow neighbors.

The Best of Both Worlds

While you savor the peace of your new home, you’ll still have access to all the activities, events, and dining options available in the main building at Harvest Hill. It’s like having the best of both worlds – a serene retreat and a lively community, all within arm’s reach. And, say goodbye to shoveling snow and home upkeep – we’ve got you covered.

Nature’s Serenade

Situated on the ground floor, the Neighborhood at Hughes offers garden views that create a sense of calm and connection with the outdoors. It’s the perfect backdrop for a leisurely stroll or for unwinding in a beautiful setting.

Your Private Oasis

This unique living space is a sanctuary for those who value a quiet and private environment. It’s an intimate space within the larger Harvest Hill community, where you can relish your surroundings while staying engaged in activities that pique your interest.

Your Next Chapter Begins Here

Whether you’re looking to simplify your life or seeking something new, the Neighborhood at Hughes Studio Apartments could be the perfect fit for you. To learn more about this unique living option, contact us today. Your next chapter of comfortable and carefree living awaits.

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Peggy Cooper
Marketing & Sales Manager
APD Lifecare
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