Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there waiting lists?

A: There is no waiting list for Harvest Hill. Occupancy is dependent on what is available at the time a resident chooses to move in. At the Woodlands, a $1500 refundable deposit is required to be on the waiting list at this time. You must be on the waiting list to gain occupancy at The Woodlands.


Q: If I live at The Woodlands can I move to Harvest Hill?

A: Yes, Woodlands’ residents are welcome to move to Harvest Hill, and will have priority admission if they are no longer able to live independently.


Q: If I want to leave The Woodlands, do I get my occupancy fee back?

A: Residents leaving The Woodlands receive a refund of 75% of the entrance fee they paid, once the unit has been re-occupied.


Q: What are the occupancy and monthly fees for both facilities?

A: Please call us to discuss our fees as they apply to your situation. Harvest Hill requires no occupancy fee and only monthly fees depending on unit size. The Woodlands requires an occupancy fee and monthly fees based on the unit size.


Q: Can you tell me about Harvest Hill and its services and how it is different from The Woodlands?

A: Harvest Hill is staffed as an assisted living facility. As such, it provides 24-hour clinical staff, three meals a day, transportation, weekly housekeeping, emergency call button, utilities and an array of services and activities coordinated by a full-time activities coordinator. At The Woodlands, residents receive dinner and continental breakfast, transportation, weekly housekeeping, resident driven activities, underground parking and all utilities (including internet access) are included in the monthly fee.


Q: Who should I call first, Harvest Hill or The Woodlands?

A: Peggy Cooper, our Marketing and Salesperson can help you decide which community might best fit your needs. She can be reached at (603) 308-0475 or