Meet Faye: One Heart Behind Harvest Hill’s Life Enrichment

Meet Faye: One Heart Behind Harvest Hill’s Life Enrichment

In the Harvest Hill community, Faye, a Life Enrichment assistant, helps to plan activities aimed at fostering not only fun and engagement but also the growth of mind, body, and spirit. But what makes Faye unique isn’t just her role; it’s her journey, motivation, and the heartwarming stories she has inspired. 

A Journey from California to the Heart of Harvest Hill

Originally from California, Faye ventured to New England for college, where she pursued linguistics at Brown University. However, her professional journey took an unexpected turn toward campus ministry, marking the beginning of a career that would eventually lead her to Harvest Hill. It was during her college years that Faye recognized the aging of her grandparents and the lack of dignity and respect given to the elderly. This realization compelled her to make a difference in the lives of seniors.

Faye’s Mission to Cultivate Connection

Working in Life Enrichment, Faye wears many hats. From planning exciting activities to facilitating one-on-one meetings, her focus extends beyond organizing events; she strives to build connections and relationships among the residents at Harvest Hill. For example, discussion groups, like the ‘Current Events Group,’ provide a platform for residents to engage in meaningful conversations. 

Faye emphasizes inclusivity, ensuring individuals with varied capacities interact and serve each other. Whether it’s a resident with dementia participating in Bingo or a one-on-one session with someone experiencing anxiety, Faye’s patience and kindness creates a warm environment. 

A Community Centered on Residents

Harvest Hill’s uniqueness lies in its resident-centered approach. Every staff member, from housekeeping to administration, is intimately acquainted with each resident’s preferences and needs. This attention to detail ensures residents are treated with the utmost dignity and respect. Harvest Hill has become a place where individuals, regardless of their cognitive or physical abilities, feel honored and valued.

Faye’s Driving Force

Faye draws motivation from her faith, seeking to make each individual feel seen. She believes small acts of kindness are the meaningful differences that create a positive impact. She strives to nurture well-being, create connections, and uphold the dignity of all the residents of Harvest Hill. 

Lessons of Kindness and Respect

Harvest Hill isn’t just a place where seniors live; it’s a community that teaches valuable lessons. Faye reflects on the innate kindness and humility exhibited by the residents. The atmosphere of respect within Harvest Hill reflects how one should treat people with different values and life experiences.

At the heart of Harvest Hill, Faye and her team are creating more than just a living space for seniors; they are bringing together a community that celebrates life, growth, and connection.