Finding Joy: A Conversation with Harvest Hill Resident Becky Lynn

Finding Joy: A Conversation with Harvest Hill Resident Becky Lynn

For Becky Lynn, Harvest Hill is more than just a residence; it’s an active community where she is known by her first name, participated in staff hiring, welcomes new residents, and engages wholeheartedly in activities that challenge and inspire her. Having spent 1.5 years at Harvest Hill, Becky’s journey here is woven with threads of familiarity. 

Upon moving from Middlebury, Connecticut, a place intertwined with her family’s history, Becky’s roots run deep. Her decision to choose Harvest Hill was influenced not only by the fact that she found it superior in the region but also because of the support and proximity it offered to her son and his wife. 

Her story unfolds from Amherst, Massachusetts, where she attended high school and reflects on being the ‘facility brat.’ College in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, opened doors to explore her enthusiasm for education.

Continuing her greatest purpose, she pursued educational classes at the University of Vermont, Burlington, eventually culminating in a fulfilling career teaching 3rd grade in Connecticut for several years. 

In 1960, she married her first husband. Reminiscing about cherished moments, she fondly recalls incentivizing her children with 50 cents each for looking after one another, offering her a break, while marveling at their inherent goodness. “They were always such good kids,” she reflects.

Life, however, presented its share of challenges. Becky overcame the loss of her first husband due to cancer, spending a decade alone until she met John. Sharing a love for plants, their time centered around traveling the country attending conferences where Becky was introduced to botanists and horticulturalists. When John passed away in January 2022, Becky made the decision to seek a sense of community.

Empowerment, Unity, Collective Engagement 

Becky has discovered many unexpected joys, activities like Bingo—an entirely new experience that is a source of laughter and camaraderie.  As a member of the hospitality group, she welcomes in new residents, sharing insights that only insiders would know—further creating a sense of comfort and belonging in the community. Now she is also an integral reporting team for Hillwinds, a publication put out every two months.

Activities are diverse; she shares a stimulating brain fitness class where the entire group was challenged to spell out Fahrenheit–a word she’ll never forget how to spell again. The show-and-tell session offers a time to bring out cherished family artifacts. For Becky, it was a Civil War water bottle and Velvet box, in her possession since she was just 5-months old. 

When it comes to meals, Becky cites the seafood options including scallops, East Coast fish, and the occasional lobster tail with drawn butter; a cherished New Year treat this year. 

Above all, she shares how the warmth among residents and staff makes the community unique. The acknowledgment of her by name in the hall, while once being a part of the hiring decision-making process give Harvest Hill its ‘resident-first’ appeal, sharing how residents came together to interview and select their current Executive Director, Nikki Fortier.

Becky’s time at Harvest Hill has shown her what the community’s spirit is all about. Shared stories, strong bonds, activities and beyond give residents a renewed sense of belonging, community, and home.