Community Stalwart Named New Executive Director of APD Lifecare (APDLC)

Born at APDMH and raised in the Upper Valley, our new Executive Director, Nikki Fortier (ED), brings a hometown touch to APDLC, and we sat down with her to learn more about her journey and vision for the community.

From finance-based office management to event planning, project management, and life enrichment, Nikki’s diverse background makes her especially equipped for this new role. “Growing up here, I’ve witnessed the strength and resilience of this community firsthand. Now, as the new ED at APD, I believe my background gives me a deep understanding of the values and needs of the people we serve,” she states.

Unique Communities, Unique Opportunities

One of the standout features of Lifecare communities is that residents have access to medical staff just a stone’s throw away. She highlighted how this connection allows them to offer house calls from doctors, and how as an ED, she can tap into so many valuable resources. 

In addition, she shares how each community has its own unique and distinct qualities: 

  • The Woodlands: Known for its high-functioning independent living and resident-driven initiatives, she shared, “There is a resident who is head of landscaping, a resident who plans and executes all of the movies, there must be 15 committees…the staff just serves as a support system to empower them.” 
  • Harvest Hill: Equally unique, is known for its welcoming environment that caters to the needs of residents, while creating a very familial atmosphere. 
  • Staff: Finally, she shares how incredibly loyal and dedicated the staff is. “Some of them have been here for 20 years, you can’t buy that kind of loyalty.” 

Having worked with senior living management companies across the country, Nikki went on to share the distinct spirit of the locals, “What you find here in the Northeast is an unwavering sense of independence and self-reliance that runs deep. It’s crucial to understand and respect this value.”

Continuing and Enhancing

As the new ED, Nikki has her sights set on completing ongoing construction projects, improving communication between residents and management, and preserving the community’s strong identity and independence. 

When asked about the wisdom seniors can impart on all of us, Nikki shared: “It’s their perspective. Seniors, with their wealth of life experiences, remind us to see beyond daily stresses and appreciate the bigger picture of life.”

With deep ties to the community and a genuine passion for senior living, our new Executive Director is well-prepared to lead with compassion, insight, and a vision for an even brighter future.