Deborah Dworak’s mother, Betty Corcoran, may be 100 years old, but she is still an extremely independent woman.
For resident Patrick Lenihan, living at The Woodlands is a true family affair. His daughter is a doctor at Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital, while his granddaughter works in the dining room.
APD's senior communities were recently awarded for their efforts to protect the natural environment and arrest the course of climate change.
Harvest Hill's Activity Director Carla Venti has been coming up with new recreational, educational and musical programs for 10 years.
Around The Woodlands campus, resident Margery Andrews is known for her role as co-chair of the welcoming committee, which introduces new residents to the community and helps them adjust to their new life at The Woodlands.
Lois Clarke has been a resident of Harvest Hill since 2008, and serves as the interviewer for the community’s resident-generated newsletter, Hillwinds.