Meet The Woodlands Executive Chef

Meet the Woodlands Executive Chef

Choosing a career path can be hard unless you really know what you love to do. Jason knew what he enjoyed but it took a few turns to get there. Growing up in neighboring Massachusetts, he started working in restaurants at an early age, and tried out most of the roles — from dishwasher to “front of the house.” Over time, he realized his love was the preparation of the meal. It’s creative, it’s physical, and it’s rewarding when people enjoy the food. He admits he never enjoyed the typical kitchen culture (have you seen, “The Bear”?), so over the years, he’s worked to change the culture in the kitchens he’s managed. Today, he truly enjoys his team and what he does.

Jason went to college out of high school, then joined the Navy in his 20s where he became an electronic technician. It’s a career he could have pursued, but he chose to follow his passion and enrolled at Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI.

Jason has worked at inns, restaurants, colleges and even another senior living community. Several of those positions were more management than hands-on in the kitchen, but the fit at The Woodlands is just right and he loves being back “behind the line” doing what he loves most. He designs the menus, and he confirms from his experience, the food they serve at The Woodlands is restaurant quality. Though he adds, who wants to eat at a restaurant every day? He and his team also add down-home meals to the menu, like a BBQ Platter, or Fenway Park Night (yup, great hot dogs and made-from-scratch cheesy nachos). Residents enjoy the variety. He incorporates seasonal foods, too, and will continue to tap local producers and products for The Woodlands’ menu.

He and his family moved to the area around 2001 and they love it. He enjoys riding his bike (even to work when he can) and hiking. Most of his family is still in Massachusetts, so it’s easy to visit. Jason really enjoys the people at The Woodlands. He says the residents are friendly, and the culinary staff is great — they can really cook!