Meet The Woodlands Resident Margery Andrews

Around The Woodlands campus, resident Margery Andrews is known for her role as co-chair of the welcoming committee, which introduces new residents to the community and helps them adjust to their new life at The Woodlands.

NEW SPECIAL OFFER (see details) below

Two Month's Free
            If you sign a contract by 2/28/18* act now!

Amy Thornton, Harvest Hill’s Administrator has announced that people signing a contract will receive the first two months free. This means savings could range between $6,168 (1 bedroom) to $10,588 (2 bedroom deluxe). Harvest Hill is a great home-like environment, with a caring staff. Activities, three meals a day, 24-hr staff. Our 22-year history makes us one of the market leaders in the Upper Valley.

*Offer valid with a signed annual agreement, only for new residents who move into Harvest Hill between December 1, 2017 and February 28, 2018. See our ad for complete details