Vaccine News

APD Lifecare recently administered 240 doses of COVID-19 vaccine here on our campus. We have kept our residents safe for 11 months!

Bessie’s Story

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Harvest Hill residents enjoy meeting Bessie and hearing her story.

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Room service…not always

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Winter Storm and The Flu…

I am sharing pictures of some staff members at The Woodlands who came to work just when the snow storm was at its peak (around 3:30 on February 7th). Given confirmed cases of the flu and several other residents with flu-like symptoms, I decided to close the dining room. In consultation with our Resident Services Manager (Ericka Gray) and because we wanted our high-school students home early, we decided on delivering the residents dinner meal to their apartments. So 61 deliveries happened and approximately 80 residents heard a knock on the door and the staff announced “room service.” When our students came to work in the afternoon, they had no idea we were delivering. Their can-do attitude exhibited by all involved  made evening service fun. THANKS EVERYONE, WHAT A GREAT TEAM!

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Gerry in the foreground, Joe in the background… great Chefs and good sports

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Ericka and Matt getting deserts ready

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Olivia ready to deliver food, protecting residents by wearing a mask


A New Year Begins

Happy New Year!

The Board and staff of APDLifecare would like to thank all the visitors to our website and wish you a Healthy and Happy New Year! It will be our pleasure to help you when deciding your best housing and health care options during this upcoming year. Thanks for visiting our site and don’t forget to visit the APD Memorial Hospital site at





NEW SPECIAL OFFER (see details) below

Two Month's Free
            If you sign a contract by 2/28/18* act now!

Amy Thornton, Harvest Hill’s Administrator has announced that people signing a contract will receive the first two months free. This means savings could range between $6,168 (1 bedroom) to $10,588 (2 bedroom deluxe). Harvest Hill is a great home-like environment, with a caring staff. Activities, three meals a day, 24-hr staff. Our 22-year history makes us one of the market leaders in the Upper Valley.

*Offer valid with a signed annual agreement, only for new residents who move into Harvest Hill between December 1, 2017 and February 28, 2018. See our ad for complete details