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About Us

At APD Lifecare Your Well-Being Is Our Mission

As a locally owned, 501(c)3 non-profit, Lifecare is a mission-driven organization. Our vision calls us to deliver an extraordinary experience for elders through friendship and community. We create a warm, welcoming, and safe elder community which nurtures mind, body and spirit. Our community of residents, families, staff, and providers is anchored in kindness, respect, dignity, and joy.

In order to offer the highest quality services and enhanced lifestyle, we:

  • Promote the physical and spiritual well-being of all of our residents
  • Respect and honor the autonomy, uniqueness and individuality of our residents
  • Provide meaningful opportunities for residents to maintain relationships and enjoy activities that nourish mind, body and spirit
  • Enable our residents to age in an environment that contributes towards their quality of life and sense of peace
  • Constantly strive to make a difference in the lives of the residents we care for and serve

A Unique Partnership

A unique partnership exists between Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital and APD Lifecare. Lifecare is on the APD campus, and Harvest Hill, The Woodlands and our community hospital share an important mission – to provide superior patient/resident-focused care and services. Our residents take comfort in knowing their primary care provider is so nearby, and that a hospital that understands what seniors want and need is right there.

The relationship between Lifecare and the Hospital has evolved over the years. We believe we have the best of all worlds with the current arrangement. 

  • APD Lifecare is its own independent corporation
  • We are a subsidiary of APD Memorial Hospital, giving us ready access to their providers and services. Partnering is cost-effective and improves the breadth of what we offer our residents.
  • APD Memorial Hospital is affiliated with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Health. Sharing providers and expertise, and developing complementary specialties, benefits us all.