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Woodlands Athletic Association

The Woodlands residents and staff provide extensive opportunities to promote the physical and emotional well-being of our residents. We encourage fitness activities that are geared to the interests and physical capabilities of all residents. Facilities at The Woodlands include a spacious fitness studio with an array of exercise machines and an indoor swimming pool with a companion Jacuzzi. A year-round schedule, led by trained instructors, includes these offerings: aquatic fitness, general fitness (including chair fitness), yoga chair classes, strengthening, toning and conditioning classes, Tai Chi and line dancing.

Wellness at The Woodlands isn’t limited to physical activity. Residents hold social events, present musicians and other entertaining and cultural events, schedule outings to museums and the theater, and host speakers who are experts in their field. A robust system of Resident Committees and Teams ensure a variety of engaging and delightful activities. There are weekly movies (selected by residents), arts and crafts, woodworking in the hobby shop, and a marvelous collection of books in our library. Available on the wooded grounds adjacent to The Woodlands is a system of professionally designed nature trails. In combination, three trails vary in length from a half-mile to 1.2 miles. Many residents develop a satisfying exercise regimen with an outdoor walk around The Woodlands (it’s a quarter-mile loop) or building a suitable walking distance through hallways inside the building.

Woodlands Athletic Association

An initiative brought forward that reflects the energy and spontaneity of residents is the Woodlands Athletics Association (WAA). Seasonally, in spring-summer-fall, residents organize informally into teams to compete in bocce, croquet and other games suited to the outdoor courtyard.

During winter months, the WAA moves indoors and fields a number of teams that compete in Wii (electronic) bowling against teams of seniors from over 90 retirement communities across the nation in the National Senior League. Residents at The Woodlands exemplify a vibrant community with diverse interests and a desire for self-determination. It’s what makes life at The Woodlands a special experience.

Elderly gentleman walking along a concrete path with his dog on a leash looking back up at him as they walk past a colorful arrangement of flowers in the garden.