Room service…not always

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Winter Storm and The Flu…

I am sharing pictures of some staff members at The Woodlands who came to work just when the snow storm was at its peak (around 3:30 on February 7th). Given confirmed cases of the flu and several other residents with flu-like symptoms, I decided to close the dining room. In consultation with our Resident Services Manager (Ericka Gray) and because we wanted our high-school students home early, we decided on delivering the residents dinner meal to their apartments. So 61 deliveries happened and approximately 80 residents heard a knock on the door and the staff announced “room service.” When our students came to work in the afternoon, they had no idea we were delivering. Their can-do attitude exhibited by all involved  made evening service fun. THANKS EVERYONE, WHAT A GREAT TEAM!

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Gerry in the foreground, Joe in the background… great Chefs and good sports

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Ericka and Matt getting deserts ready

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Olivia ready to deliver food, protecting residents by wearing a mask