Technology Tools Older Adults Can Enjoy

Technology Tools Older Adults Can Enjoy

As we age, we want to do so actively  and independently. Luckily, all sorts of technology is designed to help older adults do just that. Whether keeping in touch with people, tracking your health goals or being entertained, here are some technology tools you can use to your advantage.

Oversized Tablets: Some tech companies make oversized digital tablets specifically designed for seniors. Some, like the GrandPad Senior Tablet, run a customized version of Android that is easier to use than typical iPads, iPhones or Androids. It also has larger icons and text if you have vision issues and is designed more intuitively so you can easily click through to your destination.

Wearable Fitness Trackers: Companies such as FitBit make wearable technology to track health and physical fitness, and users can sync up trackers and watches with their phones to monitor fitness, sleep patterns, and more. Wearable fitness trackers are especially good for people who need extra reminders to take a daily walk or to keep up other habits that promote healthy aging.

AI Assistants: Seniors who enjoy Amazon AI technology may find this device of interest: the Echo Dot is a voice-activated and controlled speaker that uses Alexa technology to play music, control smart home devices, make calls, answer questions, set timers and alarms. Set up the device in your bedroom, living room or kitchen — wherever you spend most of your time.

Wireless Photo Frames: Wireless photo frames are a great way for seniors to keep in touch with friends and family by allowing you to send current pictures of what you’re up to in real time. Some brands such as the Nixlay Seed 10 Inch Wifi Digital Picture Frame allow you to share photos instantly via e-mail, or by connecting to Google Photos, Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram.

Video Conferencing:
While nothing replaces face-to-face connections, video conferencing platforms like Skype, FaceTime or Zoom calls can be a very useful alternative for seniors to keep in touch. The Woodlands offers Wi-Fi in each apartment, so it’s easy to use aids like these to stay engaged with friends, enroll in interactive groups and classes, attend telehealth appointments and more.

For seniors, technology is about more than just the latest gadgets and apps and websites. Being tech-savvy helps you use those things to find new ways to learn, work and thrive in today’s digital age. To that end, we hope this list was helpful!