Woodlands residents since May, Robin and Dick Clutz are tried and true New Englanders who first met while skiing in New Hampshire, lived in Williamstown, Massachusetts for 50 years and a second home in Grantham, New Hampshire.

During that time, they had three children and Dick was a general surgeon at North Adams Regional Hospital. Robin worked as an accountant and managed a real estate office.

Today, the Clutzes say they are happy with their decision to move to The Woodlands. They appreciate the friendly people, community feel and range of resident activities to choose from and in the upcoming months are looking forward to seeing new events on the community’s schedule.

“During the pandemic, the staff members here have just made everything so easy for residents, and we’ve felt really safe,” said Robin. “Now that more activities are starting up, we’ve been having socially distanced concerts outside, and some exercise classes are meeting outside. They also recently invited New England radio personality Wilhelm Lange to come speak, but just to be safe, they scheduled two different speaking times to limit the number of people per show.”

The Clutzes also enjoy their spacious apartment on the Woodland’s ground floor, where Robin spends time tending to her peonies on the patio. “We love our apartment,” said Robin, “It’s pretty large so we have an extra den for Dick’s 21 antique clocks.

Dick, whose interests lie in 19th century American clocks, said he also enjoys working on furniture in The Woodlands’ woodshop. “A previous resident left all their tools, a lot of handsaws and circular saws, so I like being able to use those. I’ve refinished four furniture pieces so far,” said Dick.

For her part, Robin enjoys taking The Woodlands’ exercise classes and is beginning to get engaged with The Woodlands’ resident board, which involves attending meetings once a month. The couple also likes to spend time with residents, including Dick’s high school friend who initially recommended the community.

“There are a lot of nice people at The Woodlands who are intelligent, so that’s been good. We also like a lot of the programs they have here,” said Dick, including socially-distanced dinners in the dining room. But in the pandemic’s earlier months, the Clutzes were especially grateful for meal deliveries to residents’ apartments.

“Since the pandemic started, the staff have been picking up our groceries and even going to the liquor store every so often so we can have wine at dinner,” said Robin. “We were also really happy they were able to deliver us three meals a day for months so we wouldn’t have to get together unsafely. It was a tremendous amount of work for the staff to do. They take very good care of you here.”