Welcome to the Woodlands Wellness Office

The purpose of The Woodlands Wellness Office is to serve the residents with their various health and wellness needs. In order to do this we are referencing a model from University of California – Davis, called the eight dimensions of wellness, which focus on:

  • Emotional
  • Environment
  • Intellectual
  • Financial Wellness

  • Occupational
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Spiritual

What we have come to learn is that it is not sufficient to focus on one’s physical health. Our residents all have connections to primary care physicians and other health practitioners to deal with chronic issues of health. We can assist in those areas, and believe there is much and thus our desire to go beyond the physical needs.

In approaching wellness in this way, we prefer to use a team approach that will serve people in a more comprehensive way. If there are concerns about transitioning to The Woodlands, a family issue, or anything that might create anxiety or unrest, feel welcome to come into the office.

Our Team includes Rebecca Henry, our coordinator, Molly Jackson, from Armistead Senior Care, and staff from the Lake Sunapee VNA. Our office will be open Monday through Friday 9-4PM. During that time we are available to help coordinate care and/or offer advice on a range of topics.