Woodlands Athletics Association


The temperature was in the low seventies and like so many days in the fall in New England, it was a clear, crisp day. The sun was bright as it warmed the field at The Woodlands courtyard. It was a grand opening event for the Activities Team. A new team, led by a new resident, Wendell Smith gathered to celebrate the opening day of games galore.  Bocci, croquet and a geriatric version of horse shoes were featured, but it was not only the games that captured the moment, it was the energy. People were intent as one resident taught people how to play Bocci, there was another group of folks helping set up the tables for those that came to watch.

So welcome to a new era in resident run activities. As a reminder, there are ten other teams that help sponsor lectures, cultural activities, entertainment, movies, arts and crafts, woodworking and managing the marvelous inventory of literature in our Library.

In a recent meeting with the Leader of the Teams, Jan Hall, she informed me that 47 residents are actively involved with various resident-run programs. With an average age of the Woodlands slightly above 84, let it be known that our residents are not all sedentary and stereotypical of “old people”.  The residents at The Woodlands exemplify a vibrant community with diverse interests and a desire for self-determination that makes life at The Woodlands special.

Come for a visit and see for yourself, or Click here to learn more.

The newly created Woodlands Athletics Association is working to create avenues for all kinds of physical and athletic enrichment. Click on the document link above, to learn more about the founding officers, and their plans for keeping our community fit and healthy.

Happy Hour at the Woodlands

4:30 the folks gather outside the café to enjoy the later afternoon sun and fellowship. It’s Happy Hour at The Woodlands. It is BYOB and our staff provides the mixes, some snacks and what a great way to start the weekend.