Meet Harvest Hill Administrator Amy Rauert, RN

Amy Rauert has been in senior care most of her life. As a girl, she regularly visited with elders in her neighborhood helping them with writing letters, doing yard work, and other errands.

“I adopted the neighborhood seniors as grandparents because I didn’t have any living nearby,” Amy said.

In high school, Amy volunteered at a local nursing home and hospital. Now as the Administrator for Harvest Hill, she leads a caring team that ensures the residents receive the best services possible while making the community a warm and inviting home.

Amy has over three decades of experience in aging services with an impressive list of credentials. She has a Bachelor of Science in nursing, is a registered nurse, holds a gerontological nursing board certification, is a certified geriatric nurse, and certified dementia practitioner.

“Six years ago I was new to the area and saw the open administrator position at Harvest Hill as an opportunity to use all of my education and experience doing what I love,” Amy said.

Building and maintaining relationships with the residents, their families, and her team are what Amy looks forward to the most every day. She oversees all aspects of life in the Harvest Hill community just like a second home and ensures everyone living and working there is happy and has what they need. She recently oversaw the successful integration of memory care residents into the general community and is pleased they are doing well.

“We had more residents with various degrees of cognitive impairment than we had room for in our small memory care neighborhood. With the integration being so successful we can keep residents here where they have more opportunities to socialize and they are really flourishing. They and their families are happier and we will continue to strive to keep residents in their homes here for as long as possible,“ Amy said.

Amy is one to pursue all her passions—just like she did to have a career in aging services–and is a beekeeper.

“I just always wondered what it would be like to be a beekeeper. After moving here my husband and I started out with a few hives and right now we have seven with the hope of splitting them to have as many as ten. We enjoy the surplus honey and the residents are always asking me how the bees are doing,” Amy says.

In addition to her hives, Amy enjoys spinning and weaving.  She and her husband are avid gardeners, too, growing wildflowers like beach roses, and flowering bushes. They also enjoy their vegetable garden and share their home with a pet rabbit, a mini-Holland Lop named Rowdy.