FAQ — APDLifecare


What is APD Lifecare?

APD stands for Alice Peck Day and APD Lifecare is the 501(C)3 charitable, tax-exempt owner of Harvest Hill and The Woodlands. It is governed by a non-profit board of trustees who have the fiduciary duty and responsibility for all of the operating aspects of the two communities.

Are you affiliated with the Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital?

Originally, when Harvest Hill was built in 1996 and The Woodlands was built in 2010, both facilities were part of Alice Peck Day Health Systems. While this is no longer the case, the Board of Trustees still remains in control and has a very close working relationship with Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital. APD Lifecare relies on the hospital administration for much of the operational aspects of the communities.

Are the facilities regulated or overseen by any state agencies?

The Woodlands is regulated by the Department of Insurance as a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) and therefore the occupancy fees that are paid to become a resident of The Woodlands fall under certain criteria as promulgated by the Department. Harvest Hill is licensed by the Department of Health and Human Services as an assisted living facility and also regulated by the Department of Insurance like The Woodlands. Both facilities comply with all municipal regulations with regards to building codes and fire safety.

Are there waiting lists?

Both facilities have waiting lists and require a $1,500 refundable deposit (less a $75 processing fee). You must be on the waiting list to gain occupancy at either facility.

If I live at The Woodlands can I move to Harvest Hill if I need to?

If the care needs of a resident at The Woodlands increase, and it is determined by the resident, family members or others that a transfer to Harvest Hill will be in the best interest of the resident, Woodlands’ residents get priority admission to Harvest Hill ahead of any non residents.

Are there any provisions for dementia or memory loss at either facility?

Elizabeth S. Hughes Care Unit at Harvest Hill has seven rooms that people can move to if they qualify based on a clinical assessment made by the Administrator of Harvest Hill.

If I want to leave The Woodlands, do I get any of my occupancy fee back?

People leaving The Woodlands receive 75% of the entrance fee they paid, based on re-occupancy of the unit.

What are the fees for both facilities?

Please call us to discuss our fees as they apply to your situation. Harvest Hill requires no occupancy fee and only monthly fees depending on unit sizes. The Woodlands requires an occupancy fee and monthly fees. The monthly fees at both facilities cover all expenses.

Can you tell me about Harvest Hill and its services and how it is different than The Woodlands?

Harvest Hill is staffed as an assisted living facility and as such provides: 24-hour clinical staff, three meals a day, transportation and an array of services and activities coordinated by a full-time activities coordinator.

Who should I call first, Harvest Hill or The Woodlands?

The administrators at both facilities work collaboratively so don’t worry about who you should call first. The Woodlands is for independent living and Harvest Hill is for both assisted and independent living. They are both great communities and we’ll help you figure out which community may be the best fit for you.